How I Started My Oily Journey

Hi. It's me. The girl who poo-poo'd on all things natural, crunchy, granola, hippie-freakish. I was fine the was I was... eating preservative-laden foods and running to the drugstore for every ailment I had. I said my "good genes" would keep me around for a long time (I had a great-grandma live to 104 years old). And then, one day, I realized I was tired of feeling like crap and I had to take a good hard look at what I was doing. Maybe I wouldn't live a long time... doing what I was doing. Or, maybe worse yet... Maybe I would live a long time, but I'd feel like crap for years because I refused to make positive changes in my life.

Enter Essential Oils... I cannot adequately express to you the difference these oils made in my life in just a few short months. I've had such positive experiences using them for so many things: Hormonal Imbalances, Emotional Support, Mental Clarity, Sleep, Relief for Tension, Nausea & Headaches, Relaxation, Improved Digestion, Tummy, Respiratory Care, Mood Booster, Sore Throat, Discomfort in Joints, Knees & Back, and as an Immune System Boost… honestly, the list goes on and on! How did I not realize the power of a few drops of oil?? I've just been such a skeptic my whole life, so I didn’t even give oils a chance.

Then, one day, I was given an oil blend that helped relieve some of my hormonal issues and it was a GAME CHANGER!


The oil I was introduced to is a Young Living Essential Oil. The principles this company has for sourcing their oils, the science behind it, as well as their standards & values, are why Young Living’s product far-r-r-r exceeds the industry standard! Young Living will not compromise their products by adding any synthetics, contaminants, or fillers… like you will find with most grocery store purchases. Sadly, there are currently no regulated standards when it comes to labeling a bottle of essential oil. A bottle can say “100% Natural Oil”, “Pure” “All Natural” or even “Therapeutic” without ever being tested or regulated. IT’S NOT RIGHT, yet it’s true. Hopefully that will change at some point, but because of this, you really have no idea what you are getting when you purchase most oils. That lavender you bought online could be merely cosmetic grade and even primarily filler oils. (Eek.)

HOWEVER, Young Living has set the bar high! They have a “Seed to Seal” promise which means they have their own experts who plant, cultivate, distill and test the oils before they are ever bottled. If something along the way doesn't meet Young Living’s exceptional standards, then it is not ever bottled. WOW! This impressed me!

BOTTOM LINE…. Do you want to know what really impressed me the most? Young Living Essential Oils WORK!!! That's it. Plain and simple… THEY WORK. And that's why I can't help but share about them.

I take them orally, I use them topically and I diffuse them every day! I know, Y’all, I know I totally sound like the CRAZY OIL LADY, but I can’t help it! I’m so excited about my discovery I want to SHOUT it from the rooftops, so I can help everyone I know!

If my story has peeked your interest, you can check out some of the products for yourself. Just click the "shop" link and see all the good stuff I'm so excited about! In addition to oils, Young Living has many other ALL NATURAL, TOXIN-FREE and CHEMICAL-FREE products, including: Nutritional Supplements, Cleaning Products, Energy & Fitness Aids, Healthy Cooking Options, Personal Care Products (for skin, hair, body and oral care), a Kid’s Line and even a brand-new line of Makeup! YEP… All those things to help you make better choices for you and your family! :)

HERE’S WHAT I DID….I fell in love with an essential oil blend called PROGESSENCE PLUS when I experienced unbelievably positive effects with my hormones. I suspected I would need to buy a bottle every few months, so why not become a Member and get it for 24% off! I opted for a $165 PREMIUM MEMBER KIT because it gave me 12 Full Size Bottles of Oil, a bunch of samples, AND a Diffuser. I figured if the Progessence worked for me, it couldn’t hurt to try other oils for other things, right?! As a member, my order minimum was ONLY $50 A Year! And since I was going to keep ordering the golden liquid for my hormones, I knew I could do that. At that time, I didn’t even realize all the other YL products that were going to help further me along my path to healthy living, but I was falling for the oils, for sure.

Once I was a member, I realized Young Living has a program called Essential Rewards and I opted to sign up for that too! Here’s why… I get FREE PRODUCT and Points that allow me to get MORE FREE PRODUCT! Essential Rewards (ER) is simply a Monthly Auto-Ship that allows you to Choose the Product You Want and When You Want it each month. Your order can be as little as $50 to stay active on ER, but I choose to order at least $100 because that’s when I get free oils! Also, the longer you are on the program, the greater your benefits. I’m currently getting 20% of my purchase in points to spend on my next order. So, like I said, More Free Product! And since I’m using so many products in my home now, Essential Rewards was a no brainer for me!


Boy oh boy do I ever understand! All I can say is Do Some Research on your own. Pick an oil… Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense… see what you discover in your exploration. Then, maybe you will decide to try a product or two… or even get a Premium Starter Kit from YL, which is by far A LOT of bang for your buck! You receive over $300 of product for only $165 (which is what enabled me to try so many different oils).

Most of all, I would LOVE for you to find something that helps with YOUR JOURNEY to overall wellness!

I’d love to have you as part of my Oily Tribe, OIL EPIPHANIES! We love to Support, Encourage and Help each other by sharing our stories and learning more about how these little bottles of awesomeness can help us in a multitude of ways!

Soooo... now I'm a total Oil Addict and actually proud of it! Each day, I'm excited to find new ways to use these wonderful bottles of goodness and further embrace a healthier lifestyle!

xoxo - jules

Get your starter kit HERE! :)

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