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Recently Chris & I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower for some friends of ours. We love celebrating life with our people and this day we got to decorate the house with little pink touches as we anticipate the arrival of Baby Zuleyka Torres.

Decorating for events is my fave, but decorating for events in my home is sometimes a little challenging. I'm not a big crepe paper and balloons girl, but I also don't want to take down all my normal home decor to accommodate a one day theme. Let me show you some of the simple, easy ways I created a pink and cream "Baby Girl" theme without much cost or a bunch of cheesy decorations while keeping my space feeling homey.

The guests of honor are decorating their little princess' room with flowers and butterflies in pinks and grays, so I wanted to go with that theme as well. I opted to add a bit of metallics... just because I love silvers, golds, coppers and rose golds, plus the touch of "bling" made it feel extra girly.

I tried to add little touches of pinks in lots of areas throughout our living spaces. I replaced some of my greenery and summer florals with pink and cream ones. I already had lots of flowers to choose from... used for various events through the years. (I don't throw out much, to my husband's chagrin, but it sure comes in handy at times like this. I keep telling him, if we would just build me a barn like my Grandpa Ben did for my Gramma LauraMae, all would be well with the world... and he would be able to park in the garage again. <grins>) My favorite addition of pink florals was in the distressed lantern that sits on our round table in the family room. I just threw a bunch of random flowers in there and I loved it.

Another simple way I added a little pink was to add a few pillows (most are actually just pillow covers). And... this was another "I've already got that!" addition. In late January and February, when I am not quite ready to get rid of all my winter greenery and not quite ready for spring decor, I have a brief period that I leave out some of my winter-y sprigs, red pillows and add in some pinks with a Valentines-ish swag banner I made. So, this was another easy, no cost pop of pink.

Banners are always a perfect was to add a punch of color to my dark fireplace area (someday we'll do an update to brighten our home... someday!) It's also the perfect way to incorporate a theme and/or honor someone special. I typically just cut out my own banner from decorative paper, so I can guarantee it will be the exact size and color I want, but I found this pink one at Hobby Lobby. It was cute and super inexpensive, so I grabbed it to save me time. I threw on some letter stickers (I already had from previous banner making projects) to personalize it for Baby Zuley and was happy with the outcome.

Another SUPER SIMPLE way I like to carry an event theme throughout my living area is to use my existing frames with a pop of something new. In this case, I used the baby shower invites as well as creating some new signs (on my computer) with the baby's name and the meaning of her name. Easy Peasy! This covers my personal pics for the day and keeps the focus on the people we are celebrating. Sometimes, I just use a printed paper that fits the theme and put it in frames for that day which works great too!

Then, there's the EATS!...

I opted to only do finger foods for the shower. I prepared a big fruit tray, a veggie & dip tray and then made some homemade chicken salad served on croissants with potato chips. A friend made some super cute and yummy cupcakes and I grabbed some "get in my belly now" lemon bars from Sam's to have an extra little sweet treat.

I kept beverages totally uncomplicated too. PINK lemonade and water... with fresh lemons and limes. I put a few drops of lemon and lime essential oil in the water.... because it makes it tasty and everyone always wants to know what makes it so good. :)

Presentation can make just about anything look festive and delish. I make use of baskets, trays and plates I have, but what seems to always bring it together is a roll of gift wrap. I use this as my foundation. It's like a rug in the room that grounds the whole space... using a strip of wrapping paper brings all the busy, miscellaneous stuff together. Ta-Da!

One last tip... When buying a gift for someone, especially new mommies, I like to buy a cute basket or bin that will go with their room decor to put my gift in. Storage is something no one ever seems to have enough of, so "wrapping" gifts like this gives the recipient somewhere to store diapers, books, blankets or toys. Yayy!

Omar and Yecenia, we can't wait to meet your precious bundle of joy... just a few more days!


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