Savvy Minerals Makeup

ALL NEW!  Savvy Starter Kits! WOW!

When I began my journey to a chemical-free lifestyle, I suddenly realized just how many toxins I was putting in my body each day... just by showering, putting on lotions and applying my makeup each day.  Holy health hazards, Batman! Eek! I knew I had to make some changes... and FAST!  What a blessing to find that Young Living, not only had the best Essential Oils, but they also offered a full line of beauty products that are flippin AWESOME! 


If you are ready to ditch the toxins and switch to clean, safe products for your beauty routine, consider a Young Living Membership. You will get 24% off ALL products, including Savvy Minerals and you'll be joining an Amazing Community of people who will share, encourage and help educate you as you begin your journey to a chemical-free, healthier lifestyle.  Enroll with one of the Savvy Minerals Starter Kits, shown below, for ONLY $150 ! (Retail value: $262).

To set up a your membership:

1) Click Here to create an account.

2) Select "Membership," so you can receive 24% off ALL products.

3) Choose "Other Premium Kits" and then choose the "Savvy Minerals" kit of your choice.

4) Add on any additional products you'd like to try.

5) Submit your order.

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