Young Living



So are you wondering... "How do I get started with these amazing, chemical-free products?" Honestly, your best bet is a wholesale membership. You can set up a retail account and pay full price, but with a wholesale membership you get 24% off all your Young Living purchases.  Additionally, you will get incredible resources to further educate you about using essential oils and many other Young Living products that promote a healthier lifestyle!  PLUS, you will be part of an AWESOME community that will support you as you embrace this journey to chemical-free living! 


Let’s talk about this membership thing... No required monthly purchases, no minimums, and you only have to spend $50 a year to maintain your membership.  You read that right... between now and a year from now… just $50 in YL product (which could be oils, makeup, supplements, cleaning products, etc.) to keep yourself active. That's it!


"But, am I required to tell others about Young Living?"  Nope. You simply are now able to purchase your oils at a discounted price. Think about Amazon Prime, Sam's and Costco memberships… You pay a small fee to become a member and get cheaper prices and/or discounted shipping. BUT… the difference here is that instead of getting a (less than flattering) photo ID to prove your membership, Young Living sends you a starter kit of your choice with totally fabulous products!  (I started with one that gave me 11 AWESOME Oils and a Diffuser!)  WHAT?! #Yup #TrueStory #CantBeatThat #SignUp

What next?... I Joined Essential Rewards! 

Why? Because, Let's Be Honest... I wasn't just looking for the handful of oils I got in my starter kit. No. It's a lifestyle I was after!  A Healthy, More Natural, Chemical-free, Feel Amazing, Look Awesome Lifestyle! What about you? If you are truly serious about making healthier choices for your family, Essential Rewards is a great way to start that journey. Take baby steps, with only $50 each month, and start replacing some of the toxic stuff in your house. When you purchase your Young Living Membership, you can join Essential Rewards and choose an ER Kit or customize your own with a mix of products. (Check out all the details below.)

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